London Marathon Dreams!!!

London Marathon Dreams!!!

This Sunday I sat in bed and watch The Virgin London Marathon. It made me remember all the years I sat on the sofa with my mum and dad, and the hand full of occasions that my dad actually ran the marathon.
I had always said since I was a little girl that I wanted too run the marathon. My dad was my idol when it came to running. I used to run because my dad ran and I wanted to be just like my dad. But as life went on I became more and more disinterested in running and more interested in food.
But now I want to change that. As I said in my previous post I am trying to improve my fitness, but now I am going to go one step further and set my self a real goal. I am going to run the 2018 London Marathon.
It gives me two years in which to get fitter and train. I will be getting a gps watch that will mean I can post my runs on to a website called strava. This means you can all see how my training is going and it also means my parents can make sure I am actually going fr runs and not just being a right lazy lump in bed watching netflix…
I’m not sure if I will run for a charity yet or not. There isn’t really a particular charity that I feel means a lot to me or that has particularly help me or my family as far as I am aware.

So here goes starting now I am training for the big one!!!!

Wish me luck!!!

Love Hayley Beth XXX

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