Letter Board From Get Ginger Snap

Letter Board From Get Ginger Snap

I was sent this product in return for a review on my blog and social media sites. All views are completely honest. This post does not contain any affiliate links and all links regarding the product were provided by Get Ginger Snap.

It’s time for a product review!!! I feel as though I haven’t done a proper product review for ages so I was super excited when Get Ginger Snap emailed me asking to review one of their gorgeous letter boards! Originally I responded to an opportunity to review their neon lights, but I am much happier to review the letter board.

For ages, I had seen people on Instagram use letter boards in their posts and I wanted one! The only ones I had been able to find at a reasonable price were tacky and plastic looking and that ain’t the vibe I’m going for! So let’s get into it and review this bad boy!

10×10 Felt Letter Board in Hot Pink

After having a quick look at the website I knew I had to have a pink one, although the description says it is hot pink I would say it is more of a pastel pink and I am slightly obsessed with pastel colours at the moment!

Get Ginger Snap also delivered it super quickly which was awesome because I hate waiting for deliveries!

So this letter board comes with 150 letters, numbers and symbols so you are never going to run out! I found twisting all of the letters off so therapeutic but I did have to get my craft knife out to cut some of them off and to trim some of the twisted plastic. When I was going through all of the symbols I was disappointed to see that there were no exclamation marks and instead of a pound sign they had a dollar sign. Obviously, this isn’t anything major but I always use exclamation marks and well I live in the UK and don’t use dollars!

Let’s Play

So when I was sent this board Get Ginger Snap asked me to share some valentines or mothers day quotes. Because I don’t really do valentines and don’t like my mother I thought I would share some of my favourite quotes instead!

Overall I have fallen in love with this letter board, it looks absolutely gorgeous on my bedside cabinet! Have you got a letter board? How do you use yours?

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10 thoughts on “Letter Board From Get Ginger Snap

  1. Ohhh I’ve seen these on people’s Instagram feeds (including yours, haha) and I wondered where they came from. They are really cute, a lovely change from the light boards, which I never really got into. I think my daughter would like one of these for her room too (just not in pink, she’s not at all girly). I’ll have to head on over for a browse – thank you for a lovely review! x

    Lisa | http://www.lisasnotebook.com

    1. I always though light boards looked slightly tacky! But I really have fallen in love with the letter board!!! It took me forever to figure out where people got them from too!!!

    1. Thanks! I know when they said they were sending me a small one I was like well what can I do with that but I was surprised with how big it actually was!!!

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