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Learning about the moon – The Moon Almanac by Judith Hurrell

In recent months I have felt a connection to the moon and a need to learn more about it. To discover the power it holds and the effects it has on our day to day life. I’m not entirely sure where this eagerness to learn has come from but collecting and working more with crystals has definitely had an impact.

When learning about anything remotely spiritual I always look to the experts. When author Judith Hurrell asked for me to review her newest title, The Moon Almanac, I had to say yes. I love discovering a new perspective on things and books much like the Almanac offer a vast history on the subject, saving me. From hours of research.

The Moon Almanac by Judith Hurrell gifted by Summersdale Books

Fascinating stories and poetry

Separated into monthly chapters, The Moon Almanac discusses the names given to the moon by various cultures throughout history along with celebrations and superstitions held by those cultures. I loved that this book celebrates all cultures around the world. So often literature only talks about the moon in relation to Native American tribes but the moon has played an important part in the lives of those living around the world for centuries.

Throughout these chapters is a break from the history and a chance to enjoy a range of poetry and quotes from literature. Reading the poetry really reminded me of how much I used to enjoy reading. It took me back to GCSE English and unseen poetry. Although I’m not one to pick up a book filled with poems cover to cover The Moon Almanac put a smile on my face and took me back to an easier time.

The Moon Almanac by Judith Hurrell gifted by Summersdale Books

You can get your copy of The Moon Almanac from Amazon and Waterstones now!

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