Katie’s Christmas Traditions

Katie’s Christmas Traditions

Helloooo everyone.

It’s that time of year. There are lights and tinsel everywhere and I’ve got a craving for gingerbread and chocolate drinks. The day is getting closer and I’m so excited I can’t handle it sometimes. God, I love Christmas so much! What’s interesting is that this is my first Christmas in the blogging community, and I am so happy and amazed at the joy and enthusiasm of everyone so far.

Whilst preparing for Christmas, buying mass decorations and searching high and low for the perfect present for my cat, I’ve been thinking about Christmas traditions that me and my family have kept through all these years. They are what makes Christmas personal and touching, whether they’re singing carols, going to the Christmas markets or in our case going to the ice skating just for the hot chocolate because we’re all too scared to actually go on the ice rink.

Anyway here are some of our many traditions:

  • We always decorate the tree about two weeks before Christmas so that it doesn’t turn brown by the 25th. Our decorating day can get extremely manic especially when choosing between a fairy or a star, but with Cadbury’s Christmas biscuit collection and the soundtrack to Home Alone, it’s always fun in the end. Every year we get a new tree ornament which my mum buys, and the newer it is the nearer the top it goes. At the bottom are the old classic baubles with the string still going strong, next to some cotton wool snowmen that I made in nursery.
  • On Christmas Eve we always watch the favourite Christmas film. I mean we’ve been watching a lot of these over the week before, but we save the best till last. It’s been Elf two years running now and I have high hopes for it this year because it’s my favourite. This is accompanied with a warm mince pie and vanilla ice-cream, as well as a festive drink which can be either a hot chocolate, white wine, but this year it will be from my tea advent calendar.
  • Me and my brother used to have our stockings on the end of our beds, but now we’re a bit older we have them on our door handles. I’m sure I’d still be awake for when my parents try to sneak in and put the presents in.
  • On Christmas morning we get out our stockings and open the presents with our parents. There’s usually just a few in the stockings and some chocolate. The rest are under the tree which will be opened when the family arrive. Unwrapping presents is always accompanied by a large bin liner to collect all the paper before my cat jumps on it, followed by me secretly eating my chocolate Santa before lunchtime.
  • To bring the day to an end, we all relax on the sofa and enjoy one of the many additions to the BBC 1 Christmas selection, eating leftover chicken and trying to get my new electronic presents to work.

So there we are. My family Christmas traditions that have got me even more excited if that were even possible. What traditions do you have? Are they the sort of stuff you’d expect to do at Christmas or are they more unusual? Thanks for reading and check out my blog for some more festive posts. Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to make a hot chocolate in my snowman mug, put on Mariah Carey for the 100th time and work out how many drinks can be mulled.

Love Katie x

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