January Faves

January Faves

So it is a new year so why not an new blog series!!!
Now in the past I have always stuck to what I have known and never tried anything new but for the last few months I have been getting birch box, which is a brilliant subscription box full of high end full sized and sample sized beauty products. This means I can sample some brilliant products that have quite simply changed my beauty life!!! Now my current favourite that I have been sent is the Marcelle BB creme golden glow. It is a great alternative to foundation, honestly the best BB cream I have ever tried!!!

Now I have to say thank you to a new friend of mine for this next favourite and that is Star Wars!!!! How had I not watched these pretty awesome films until now??? So I watched them all in the space of a week and I do not regret it. Obviously Harry potter will always be my number one but why had nobody told me how sarcastic droids are!!! C3PO is my dream best friend and K2SO just a dream!!!
Seriously if you have never watched them and are thinking but I’m not a 12 year old geek watch Rouge One and you will be immediately hooked. I watched them in the order the were released and honestly I wouldn’t watch them any other way. Now to wait till December for The Last Jedi!!!

So my final favourite this month is my all time favourite perfume. Now I have been wearing this particular scent for a while now but I recently found out it is being discontinued!!! Givenchy Play is such a beautiful invention that i just adore!!!! Seriously if you can get your hands on a bottle do it you will be for ever thankful!!!

So I hope you have enjoyed this new little feature!!! If you have any suggestions of any beauty products I should try please let me know in the comments!!!

As always
Love Hayley Beth XXX

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