Your New Destination for Gift Shopping: GIFTDO

Your New Destination for Gift Shopping: GIFTDO

To me, nothing is better than a personalised gift. The fact you have put the time and effort to make a gift personal to the recipient just goes to show how much they mean to you.

Now I love making gifts for my friends but I don’t always have the time which is why I was so happy to find new website  GIFTDO have teamed up with some of the UK’s top gift suppliers to provide you with the perfect present for anyone!

Now when I say they have a gift for quite literally anyone I mean it. From personalised trinket boxes, glassware, and necklaces to tea sets and leather bracelets. Not only is it all beautiful but it is also affordable! At the time of writing this post, there is quite simply nothing over the price of £50 so no matter what your budget you are guaranteed to find something.

Not only do they do fantastic personalised gifts but, they also have a great range of generic presents. From a beard brush, unicorn makeup brushes and watches to cocktail sets, baking sets and books. I’ve even found a few things I might just have to get for myself.

Unlike many gift sites, GIFTDO offer free shipping on everything no matter how many items you buy! Now that is something I can really get behind!

So what are my picks? Why thank you for asking! Here are just some of my favourite items!

Personalised Light Bulb Cocktail Glass £15.99

This is the perfect gift for someone who is a fan of the quirky. Easily personalised with the recipients favourite drink or cocktail and a witty quip. I might just have to get a couple for me and my friends.

Personalised Rose Gold Trinket Box £19.99

This is the cutest piece of storage I have ever laid my eyes on! This would be the perfect addition to my hall way table to pop my keys and other bits in so I don’t forget them on the way out!

Beard Care Set £14.00

The number gift for the bearded man in your life! Need I say much more?
So next time you are stuck finding the perfect gift for someone you love head over to GIFTDO!
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