Interview Day at The University of Gloucestershire

So for the last few months, my twitter has been full of my stresses surrounding writing my personal statement and applying to university in general! Well, all of that stress has paid off because on the 31st of January I had my interview to study Journalism at the University of Gloucestershire!

What I can tell you is that I was an absolute nervous wreck! I put so much pressure on myself to ace this interview, the way I saw it was that my whole life rested on the success of this interview! I know a lot of you are probably going to be going to plenty of university interviews over the next month so I thought that I would let you know how I prepared for the day and also let you find out what I got up to on the day!!!


So originally I had plans of having a relaxing bath and using my Body Shop Warming Mineral Mask and having a bit of a pamper session before getting the real interview prep done, but then I started panicking and thinking what if I don’t get in? What happens then? So the pamper session was cancelled! Instead, I went back over the course breakdown and highlighted the modules that appealed to me or that I had questions about. I then took to my notebook and started writing those questions down.

The next thing that I questioned was why should they choose me? To this, I wrote because I am awesome about three times! Because yes I am awesome but also to reinforce the fact that I don’t need to doubt myself, the course leader and the lecturers will love me if I love me.


I also looked back through the accommodation book to look at where I want to be living, at Pittville Campus right next to the racecourse and the beautiful Pittville Park. Yet another brilliant motivation for doing well in the interview!

A good nights sleep

Now if you have read my recent post about my anxiety you will know that sleep isn’t something that comes easy for me at the moment, often not being able to settle till about four in the morning. I received a SpaceMask in my Cruelty Free Beauty Box in December, but I wanted to wait till I really needed to use it to try it out! Obviously, a university interview is slightly important so as I got ready for to snuggle up on went the mask! The mask starts to warm up as soon as you take it out of the packet and boy does it warm up! Its an incredibly weird sensation but yet seriously relaxing! I had the best night sleep in a hell of a long time and I put that down to the magic that is SpaceMasks.

Judgement Day

And so the day came, and I was a nervous wreck. I felt sick with nerves and was unable to eat even a piece of toast. In true Hayley style, I got to Cheltenham an hour early. Therefore the only thing to do is have a mooch round TKmaxx and the Sugar Loaf (a beautiful local store filled with beautiful treats). And then came the time to venture into the cold and walk up to Park Campus. As soon as I signed in I hid in a corner away from all of the parents and wondered where the free cookies were! The day then started with an incredibly boring lecture about how to make the most of the day. Each course was then called by the Course leaders and off we went!

Dreaming of Journalism

First of all, we had a little tour of the facilities we will be using, from the radio booth to the news studio! We then sat ourselves down in the newsroom where the Course Leader talked us through the all of the different modules throughout the three years and current students also got the chance to tell us about their experience of the course! We then got to do a mock press conference and then write up a news article about what we learnt in the press conference!

While we were writing we each go individually called out for our interviews. Honestly, I could have talked for hours! The interview itself went so well and I walked out of the tv studio filled with a buzz of excitement! At the end of the day, the Course Leader thanked me for coming and thanked me for smiling so much throughout the day.

We were told we would get our offer by Friday. I was sat at work on Thursday, twiddling my thumbs when the email came to tell me there was a change to one of my choices. They offered me an unconditional place! I honestly did sit there and cry filled with happiness and excitement.

Now to tackle finance and save as much money as I can!!!


    • Hayley Beth

      It was more like an informal chat. Asking why I want to do journalism and that in turn meant I could talk about my blog and then why I think my local paper is a load of trollop! The person interviewing me works for the local paper so it was a great interview!!!

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