Independent Buys August 2018

Independent Buys August 2018

It is the end of another month so it is time for another round up of all of the indie goodies I bought! Despite being on a tighter budget this month I really did spoil myself!

Bumble and Be

I had to start off with what is probably my favourite buy this month! I am a self-confessed Harry Potter obsessive so when I saw that the lovely Sophie had some new gorgeous PygmyPuffs up for adoption I just knew I had to give one of them a forever home! Polly made it here safe and sound in her travel box with plenty of food and her little pinecone.

Lady Gabe

Oh, the fabulous Lady Gabe! And as if by magic she immortalised me as a real witch! You can find out more about this doodle in the blog post dedicated to it!

Things Made By Zulaikha

I love anything that helps promote self-care and mental health coping mechanisms. These goodies now live in the back of my journal and have already been a massive help to me! The button badges will soon be displayed on a pennant flag and the stickers will be shared with friends and used in my university planners! Unfortunately, Zulaikha’s store is now closed but you can still find her on Instagram!

Lottie Bounds

I really want to start embracing my love for Disney a little more! In order to start this off, I just had to buy one of Lottie’s cupcake pins! For some reason unbeknownst to me, I have a real soft spot for Donald Duck! Because of this, I had to choose the Sailor Duck pin! Lottie also had a special offer on where you get a free iron-on pocket with every order! The pocket I received was Olaf! I can’t wait to use it in photos and of course, buy more in the future!

Dork Face

You probably all know Gemma from her colourful Instagram feed, but she also has a super cute Etsy store. As you probably guessed her store is just as colourful as her Instagram! Of course, I just had to buy her first pin design and some bookmarks!

The Candle Tree

Of course, I popped into what I like to refer to as heaven on earth! This time I picked up a gorgeous candle by Beauty Scents! It was also reduced because it is a little dented!

***Special Mention***

Now I know I said that these post would only contain items I bought and loved but I really wanted to share the wax melts I recently got sent by Scent Circus! These wax melts are seriously the most colourful melts I have ever seen! They are also all full of glitter and who doesn’t love a bit of glitter! My favourite was definitely  Happily Ever After which smells just like Oreos!


So there we have it! All of the gorgeous goodies I bought this month! What was your favourite item? Let me know in the comments!


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