I’m Getting Help

I’m Getting Help

It feels like it was only yesterday since I walked into the reception at uni on the verge of tears. It was the day of my first personal tutor meeting and I had told myself I wouldn’t cry. I wouldn’t unload everything on my personal tutor. All it took was for him to ask if I was ok and quite frankly I lost it.

The night before I had had the meltdown to end all meltdowns and I finally opened up to those around me about a stupid and careless event that happened a year ago. I could no longer pretend that I was ok. Because honestly, I haven’t been ok in a hell of a long time.

After explaining everything to my personal tutor and admitting that I need support we went to the helpzone. The helpzone is a place where students at the University of Gloucestershire can seek advice about money, study and mental health as well of a range of other topics. They told me about how I could refer myself to the Mental Health and Wellbeing team to talk and discover what options are out there for me.

I had to wait about a month to have a meeting with the Mental Health and Wellbeing team. In that time I did as much as I could to focus on myself. I made sure I did the things that made me happy like photography and painting and surrounded myself with people who lift me up.

When it came to my meeting it was amazing to hear how well I was actually doing. I was doing all of the things they advise you to do. As a result of everything that was spoken about, I am starting a course of CBT. By the time you read this, I will have had my first session over the phone. I’m not expecting some miracle cure but I am hoping it will help me understand the world a little easier and give me some more coping mechanisms.

I have also been told about how I can also apply for the Disabled Student Allowance. This is something I will be applying for. This isn’t for monetary reasons but instead so that I can get the funding for a mentor who will be able to help me when it comes to deadlines and exams in terms of controlling my stress levels.

Photo credit – @recall_art // Tilly Mayo

You may be wondering why I am writing all of this on my blog? Well, the reason is that I want to endorse the helpzone in some sort of way. If you are struggling they are there to help you. Every uni will have a version of the helpzone and they really do the world of good.

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