I’m A Body Shop At Home Consultant!!!

I’m A Body Shop At Home Consultant!!!

Hello, my lovelies! So this is a very exciting post! If you have been following my social media you will already know what I am going to be telling you about today!

For years now I have always loved going to The Body Shop and smelling all of the body butters and trying all of the new products! It would be nothing for me to drop at least £100 a month on all their goodies! I have always said that if I could work in any retail role I would love for it to be at the body shop! Well, now I can have my pie and eat it because I am officially a Body Shop at Home Consultant!!!

So what does this mean? Basically, I am the awesome person you can order all of your body shop goodies from! Our offers vary to those offered instore so it is always worth knowing a consultant! I am also going to be running weekly giveaways and raffles on my EXCLUSIVE facebook group! And because I love the blogging community so much I am more than happy to offer you free postage on your orders if you aren’t completely local to me!!!

I am really excited to embark on this opportunity and hope you join me too! You can join my group here! And to sweeten the deal further I am popping some free gifts in with the first ten orders placed!!!

I can’t wait to have some Body Shop fun with y’all and if you are in Gloucester you can book a party with me full of fun and games and of course shopping!

2 thoughts on “I’m A Body Shop At Home Consultant!!!

    1. It sure is nice getting so many great products to promote! I’m just struggling to get my friends on board at the moment!

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