I must be slightly crazy

I must be slightly crazy

Do you remember about a year ago I wrote a post saying I was going to run the London marathon in 2018?
Well last night I entered the ballot!!!! I will find out in October if i have go my place in the marathon but training starts now!!!
To help me get healthier and fitter I have put myself on a takeaway ban. I am going to cook all of my meals and try and eat more vegetables. Im going to stop snacking (ironically I am eating a pack of peanut butter oreos while writing this) and start eating breakfast even if it just consists of fruit.
This is going to be the biggest challenge i have ever faced not only will it be a physical it will be a major mental challenge. Motivating my self to go for a run or getting up early on a sunday morning.
Luckily I am not doing this on my own. I have managed to recruit some friends to do this with me and we will be there to support and encourage each other 100% of the way!!!
I will be doing the marathon for charity, I am yet to decide which charity but I will definitely keep you updated!!!

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Now this post is the first to be written on my new Acer Aspire laptop!!! I am currently tryin to sell my old Toshiba satellite. If you are looking for a cheap yet reliable laptop please drop me an email!!!

As always
Love Hayley Beth XXX

Snapchat: lovehayleybeth

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