The Story Behind The Business: Hue Hippo

The Story Behind The Business: Hue Hippo

So I know this blog is a little late (work has been manic). But here it is, introducing Hue Hippo!

Aysha graduated from university last year and went straight into full-time work. As you can imagine this was a little shock to the system and she started drawing colouring pages as a way to cope. She initially started Hue Hippo as a place where people could download her colouring pages for free. I t was a way for her to share her work with the hope that they might just help others relax. By doing this Ayasha realised just how much she missed drawing and this led to the evolution from colouring pages to comics and illustrations. 

So what inspires her designs? 

“food, puns, food puns and positivity”

 For her colouring pages, she draws inspiration from everyday objects and her comics are inspired by her personal experiences!
Aysha also works with themes and is currently finishing her 100 women series. Aysha was incredibly inspired by this series because she not only drew these fantastic women but she also researched each and every one of them. She fell in love with the idea of working on a project for a long period of time so in August she is starting another one! 100 Species to Save.

She also publishes a bi-weekly front page style comic entitled PUNchline inspired by brilliant puns. Aysha has also just started a new comic series entitled Alternate Reality which will be posted on her social media platforms in August.

Realistically Aysha wants to build up her fan base on social media and drive traffic to her website but the dream is to be able to turn Hue Hippo into a full-time project.

So what part of the business is Aysha most proud of?

“I’ve had a few people tell me they look forward to seeing my comics on their newsfeeds because it puts a smile on their face or because ‘it’s just what they needed to see today’. Some tell me about how my colouring pages have helped them unwind, I think these are words that Hue Hippo can be proud of.”

Currently, Aysha’s designs aren’t for sale but you can download her colouring pages here for free.

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