How I Do Instagram!!!

How I Do Instagram!!!

Part Three

We have made it to the third and final instalment of this miniseries!!! First of all, can I say a massive thank you for the response this series has received! You have been so lovely and supportive!

More than just a photo sharing platform!

From the outside, Instagram just looks like a place to post your favourite selfies, and to many, that is the case. But for us bloggers, Instagram provides us with a great tool for showcasing your talents and for networking. In this post, I will try my best to explain how you can use Instagram as more than just a photo gallery!

Instagram Stories!

I used avoid Instagram stories like the plague, it was almost like they were trying to be snapchat. But the deeper I fell into the blogging community the more I fell in love with the stories function! It is a great way to give an insight into the behind the scenes aspect of blogging and to just show people what you get up to on a day to day basis! Instagram also introduced a poll function recently. I have used this to gain insight into what my followers would like to see on my blog and Instagram! It is also great because unlike other social media platforms Instagram actually shows you who voted and what for!

By posting on your stories you are also reminding people and brands that you are relevant! You are reminding them that you have a blog and it is a great way to tell people what you are up to! Because the algorithm means people won’t always see your posts it is important to update your story in order to push people towards your posts.

I also use stories to showcase the products and items I am loving at the moment. This is because when you tag another account in your stories it gets sent to them via direct message. This means that brands are more likely to see your content and get in touch with possible collaborations!

Saving Highlights!

Now this something I am useless at. To be fair it is a brand new feature and it does take me a while to get used to new features! So what are highlights? In simple terms, it is a way of saving your favourite stories! you can save them into different categories and many bloggers have created beautiful covers for their highlights (something I have attempted to do!). So why is it useful? It is a chance for new followers to see what you have been up to, see the things they have missed and for you to showcase your favourite bits of content from your stories!

Direct Messaging!

Again this is a feature I didn’t really use until recently. Seriously do not be scared to approach other bloggers via messages! Most are super friendly and will answer any questions that you have! I have also used messages to get in contact with small businesses looking for collaborations! I just pitch them, in the same way, I would via email. This is a great way to pitch a small brand if you are looking to feature them on your Instagram as it is super easy for them to see the type of content you produce!

Now I know this post is probably a little vaguer than the previous ones but I really wanted to include something about how Instagram is more than just photos! I do hope this blog post has been useful to you!

I really enjoyed writing these posts! Would you like to see more posts like the ones in this series and if so what topics would you like for me to write about? Let me know in the comments!

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11 thoughts on “How I Do Instagram!!!

  1. I just started with Instagram, I need to check out the stories feature, never used it before – thanks for that tip, clearly there is more to that platform then I gave it credit for.

  2. I love using the stories feature on Instagram now! I was a bit apprehensive at first as I didn’t think many people would take to it but they get more attention than my actual posts annoyingly! I still haven’t got a hang of the highlights either but hoping I will soon haha!
    Alice Xx

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