How I Do Instagram!

How I Do Instagram!

Part One

Over this last week, all I have seen is people talking about the latest change in algorithm and trying to get people to turn post notifications on. These constant changes in the way in which Instagram works are sure to put people off using Instagram with the mind frame that you will only get paid if you pay for promotions.

In this series, I hope to share what I know with you and how I use Instagram in the hope of giving you that spark of motivation back! Now I must say that I am in no way an expert

All About The Images!

In the first post in this mini-series, I am going to talk all about your photos! This after is what Instagram is all about.

Do you need a theme?

Now, this is a highly spoken about subject in the blogging world with many bloggers thinking a theme on your Instagram is a must in order to get interaction. Now when I finally found the blogosphere I was very much against putting my self in a box and restricting myself. The thought of having a theme made me think that I couldn’t express myself fully. Despite that my Instagram has found a theme of sorts. The majority of my photos are taken using a grey throw as my backdrop and I have an obsession with Harry Potter and pastel colours. Now I’m not sure how much this has helped but my feed does look hella pretty! What I would say is don’t force it. Mine came naturally through the items I already own and yours will too!


I have always said that anyone can take a beautiful picture, all you need is the right lighting! Now, this can be natural or artificial, but you will learn quickly that photos taken under a normal tungsten light bulb are doomed to look awful! I live in the UK and right now it is near impossible to take photos with good lighting especially as the majority of my day is spent at work. Because of this, I have invested in some artificial lighting. I can now take photos at any time of the day and night (and I do!) meaning I can work on my blog whenever I can regardless of my working hours!


For those of you that aren’t fluent in photography lingo, this is basically how the photo is put together. Because the majority of my photos are ‘still life’ inanimate objects I tend to add other props to the image. These can be items related to the subject matter or to add more depth to the image. The hardest part of this is to not make the photo too busy (something I am still a culprit of). Doing that can cause your camera not to know what to focus on, and if your camera can’t focus how is another person going to be able to?


It is very rare for me to take a photo that needs no editing. Often I need to play around with the saturation and contrast. To do this I use Canva. It isn’t perfect but it is free and I am, like most bloggers skint! It also saves photos in a format that WordPress likes so it is a win-win for me at the moment!

How often should you post?

There obviously isn’t a rule as such, I try to post at least two photos a day every day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon/evening. Sometimes they are promotional posts and sometimes they are just plain pretty!!!

Should you use stock photos?

Now, this again is a hard one, not everyone is able to take a bunch of photos in advance or has the confidence to use their own photography. Personally, I try not to use them as my Instagram is a place to showcase me. If you can avoid them then do if not credit the original photographer in your caption.

I hope you have found this post helpful and I can’t wait for you to read the next post in this series next week! Don’t forget you can also follow me on Instagram here!

14 thoughts on “How I Do Instagram!

  1. Thank you so much for the tips. I’m such a technophobe so trying to get used to social media is the hardest thing for me. I really appreciate the helpful hints and love your photos ??????

  2. This is some really good and accesible advice. No pointless or confusing jargon, I can tell you’re relaly trying to help. Can’t agree more on the UK lighting issue – it’s why I only ever did one fashion post.

    1. It really is a pain right! I’m just glad artificial lighting is so affordable!! I hope this has helped you in some way!

  3. Am going to check the whole artificial lightning thing – my house doesn’t get much natural light so unless i am shooting outside (which is not always the right fit)I’m stuck. thanks for the idea.

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