Hockey and Heels Apparel

Hockey and Heels Apparel

Hello, there my lovelies! Now, this post is a little different to the others! As a blogger a lot of my time is spent supporting other bloggers from around the world, be it liking their Instagram posts, commenting on their blog posts or quite simply just sharing the love. So when I was browsing the Facebook support groups this week and came across a blogger starting her own clothing line I knew I had to do something to support her!

Elaina is the amazing girlie behind Hockey and Heels! Elaina is a massive Ice Hockey fan whose blog actually started as part of a college class but she soon fell in love with blogging!

As a female hockey fan, she knows just how hard it is to look fashionable yet stay warm at the same time! So she has taken matters into her own hands! Introducing Rink Life t-shirts! Finally, you can buy something that isn’t team related or super cheesey!  With six different styles, there is something for everyone! I personally chose a maroon sweat-shirt! I absolutely loved the colour and at this time of year, a sweatshirt is just perfect to pair with a pair of jeans!

Now I have a favour to ask you! In order for Elaina’s clothing range to be sent to the printers, she needs at least 11 sales and she has an overall goal of 25 sales! At the time of writing this, seven shirts have been bought. The shirts will be shipped from the 6th of October! Please help this blogger with her dream.

You can buy the shirts here and make sure you check out Elaina’s blog here!

2 thoughts on “Hockey and Heels Apparel

  1. Awesome T-shirts. Have you thought about selling t-shirt yourself too? It doesn’t seem that hard now with companies that will print and ship them for you. All you need to do is upload the design 😀

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