Hey, its ok!!

Hey, its ok!!

Its ok to say no to people or turn down invites

It’s ok to want to spend time alone

It’s ok to eat that second slice of cake, or third..or fourth!!

It’s ok to have a brew and biscuits for tea

It’s ok to triple text that idiot you’re hung up on, even if he hasn’t text back yet

It’s ok to snort when you laugh

It’s ok to make mistakes, we are all human and every mistake is a lesson!

It’s ok to inhale a whole tub of Ben and Jerry’s in one sitting

It’s ok to crave attention, even from idiots

It’s ok to fall for the bad boy, if he’s hot, go for it!

It’s ok to go back to your ex, even when you know deep down that it will never work out

It’s ok to swear every other word

It’s ok to finish off that bottle of wine on a Monday night

It’s ok to fail..it’s better to fail than regret the things that we do not go for

It’s ok to follow your dreams, no matter what people might say or think, it’s your life to lead the way you want

It’s ok to take toilet selfies, you need something to look back on and laugh at

It’s ok to pick up and start again, the bravest and strongest of people do

It’s ok to do whatever the hell you want!!

‘We are not here for a long time…We are here for a good time!’

Guest Post By Chelsea Phillips.
Check out her blog here, you can also find her on Instagram!

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