Have A Magical Lunch at Jane’s Pantry

Have A Magical Lunch at Jane’s Pantry

If you hadn’t noticed I am a part time unicorn! In the year of 2017, it is finally not frowned upon to be 21 and obsessed with such mythical creature! So to celebrate I did the only thing you should and that was to have a unicorn lunch!

Now Gloucester hasn’t really fallen in love with the unicorn trend so the only place to go is the awesome Jane’s Pantry Cafe on Kings Square. Janes Pantry is a well-known bakery in Gloucester with shops all over the city. I can remember my favourite cake being the smiley face donut (I would always get one with pink smartie eyes!)

The cafe has a brilliant atmosphere buzzing with the Gloucester accent. Because it was such a sunny day we decided to sit out in the sun and enjoy some alfresco dining! With views of the pubs and possibly a homeless man attempting to fall asleep in a strange position on a wall (Gloucester isn’t a pretty city).

I went to order my food walking along the cabinets my friend’s daughter decided she wanted everything, easily excited she attempted to pick up a tray of cakes. I ordered a chicken bacon and spring onion sandwich and of course the unicorn freakshake! My friend Sarah also ordered sandwiches, a freakshake for her daughter and the unicorn cake and donut!

The sandwiches arrived quite promptly and doesn’t it look yummy! I love spring onion but had never actually seen it in a sandwich before and it went so well with the chicken and bacon. I was also glad the meat wasn’t dry as it can so often be when you buy a sandwich!



The shakes took some time to arrive but as it was a busy lunch time and they did look totally fantastic we let them off! made of two different flavours that Sarah’s daughter identified as being banana and strawberry they look awesome! Topped with plenty of cream, sprinkles, rainbow drops and other colourful sweets I was in unicorn heaven!

And then there were the cakes! Don’t they look magical! it took only minutes for the children to demolish the rainbow cake and they were so excited about eating it, with giant smiles on their faces as they did! Sarahs daughter insisted that she must try each layer to discover her favourite where as her son was happy to just dig in!

All in all, it was a fabulous lunch and one I would definitely recommend to all! So if you are passing through Gloucester or fancy visiting for the day make sure you pop into Jane’s Pantry on Kings Square!



This post was not sponsored by Jane’s Pantry. I had an awesome lunch and just wanted to tell you about it! Although if Jane’s Pantry would like to pay me to eat there I’m totally up for it!

5 thoughts on “Have A Magical Lunch at Jane’s Pantry

  1. Great post! It’s a shame I can’t try the Unicorn Shake – sadly I’m allergic to red fruits and banana just isn’t for me. Love the rainbow drops also x

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