Harry Potter Box by Enchanted Bookmarks

Harry Potter Box by Enchanted Bookmarks

I finally got my arse into gear and got myself some bookmarks! No more using post-it notes or hanging the book off the back of my chair! Yes, I was that person!

I was lucky enough to be recommended Enchanted Bookmarks by Sammie from @just_keep_chasing_pages on Instagram! Sammie is also a Rep for Enchanted Bookmarks and you can get 10% off using the code CHASINGPAGES.

So I should probably tell you what I bought! Each month Enchanted Bookmarks are doing a different themed bookmark box! there is a variety of options with each option containing more products at a different price! This months box was Harry Potter and they were house themed! I chose tier 2 laminated. When ordering the box all I knew was that the box would contain five bookmarks, one sticker and one double-sided print! I also knew that the designs would be exclusive to the box!

What was in my box!

I’m a Hufflepuff so all of the bookmark designs were indeed badger themed! All of the bookmarks were double sided, one side having the actual design on and the other side has the Enchanted Bookmarks logo! The first bookmark was a Hufflepuff Quidditch team design! This one matches my sweater from Primark!

The next bookmark is herbology themed! Because let’s face it who doesn’t love the mandrakes! This one says ‘Be careful of the Venomous Tentacula, it’s teething.’

Thirdly we have a sorting hat bookmark that has one of my favourite quotes on! ‘you might belong in Hufflepuff, where they are just and loyal, those patient Hufflepuffs are true and unafraid of toil.’ I love the illustrations of the scarf and flag at the bottom of the bookmark!

We couldn’t have Hufflepuff box of bookmarks without some Cedric appreciation! this one has an illustration of the support Cedric Diggory button pins, the Yule Ball invitation and Cedric’s wand!

And finally, we have my favourite bookmark! It is, of course, the Hufflepuff Cup! It is the one piece of merchandise I would kill to own!

As I said earlier this box also contained a double-sided print and a sticker! The print was a Hogwarts Express ticket! I love the hand-drawn design and I’m so glad it was included in this box! I also find stickers incredibly exciting at the moment (sad I know) but I love the Hufflepuff crest sticker! The badger is just adorable!



This box has started a brand new obsession with bookmarks and I have already ordered the July bookmark box! July’s theme is I Love The 90’s and I can’t wait for it to arrive!


2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Box by Enchanted Bookmarks

  1. I’m guilty of being a page turner, because I would always lose bookmarks and not want to search around the house for one! I love the Hufflepuff Cup one though, super cute.. ?

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