Happiness | Anxiety Talks

Happiness | Anxiety Talks

What is happiness?
Is it a feeling or is it a state of being?
What I do know is that happiness can be temporary. It can be incredibly hard to maintain. Your own negative self conscious can impact it and so can the world around you.
For example when you cant stop smiling because that one person has messaged you, but then you brain decides nah we ain’t having this and every now and again drops doubts in to you head. ‘don’t be silly he is only after one thing’ ‘he will get bored of you soon just you wait and see’
Its when you listen to these doubt you no longer feel happiness.
If you suffer from anxiety you will listen to these doubts and then you will start over thinking about them. they manifest in your brain so much that they become real. If you let this happen is happiness really possible?
Of course it!!
You just need to learn to shout shut up!!! I’m still learning that but it is starting to work. OK
I understand that maybe your brain is telling you the truth but in my experience If you don’t try how can you know if happiness is a possible feat?
Next time your brain shouts ‘what if’ shout back ‘shut up’

Love Hayley Beth

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