Guest Post From a Friend: Jason Hughes

Guest Post From a Friend: Jason Hughes

Hey, Lovelies! Now, this post is a little different to usual! This is the first post in a new series where I encourage my friends and family to write something they feel passionate about! I think this is a great chance for my peers to dip their toes into the waters of my one true love and passion of writing! Today I give you Jason Hughes, a colleague of mine who quite simply loves his job! I hope you enjoy this post 

Love Hayley Beth xxx 


I too, like Hayley work in the betting industry have done so for the last four years. I started off as a cleaner and worked my way up the ladder an I am no proud to be able to say I am a Retail Customer Service Manager.

It can be at times long and arduous but doing something I love makes it all worthwhile. It’s the characters of the people who bet that makes it all worth it, from the young to the old banter is part ‘n’ parcel of everyday life. From taking the mick out of their football team or picking donkeys on a regular basis!

Sure there are customers who can be difficult at times but I’ve learned to just smile and be polite, of course inside my head I can think of alternative things to say but I have a family to support and children who I barely get to see because I couldn’t survive on my normal contract hours. I take my holidays when they have half term it’s hard but they know daddy is working to provide shelter and put food on the table.

I have regulars that make me smile with their witty sense of humour that make the job great, but most of all having and working with a caring shop team that you know they are always there for you is what really matters.

As long as you have basic maths the job is easy the tills do have a subtotal button that helps. The worst part is probably having to translate the bets as customers believe that the till does it for you, the paper work at the end of the day getting the shop open checking bets on the system so there are no mistakes and marketing too. Days can be long doing all day shifts 14 and a half hours (HELP!!!) no one likes them especially Hayley herself! I hope I’ve shed some light for you on my daily routine of my industry I love!

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