Getting Ready to Move to Uni on a Budget*

Getting Ready to Move to Uni on a Budget*

It is now just two months until I move to uni! Because of this, I thought I would share some ideas I have for my future room! Of course, everything will be things I either already own or that I am hoping to find at super bargain prices!


You may already be aware of this but I am so so excited to finally have a proper workspace! It has been years since I have had a proper desk area! One thing I really want on my desk is one of those fabric notice boards to fill with motivational quotes! At the moment I have them stuck to my Newt Scamander framed print! My desk will also be home to my laptop that I am slowly decorating with vinyl stickers!

I am also going to challenging myself to stay as organised as possible! This means the use of to-do lists will become almost religious. I don’t know about you but I just feel a great feeling of satisfaction when I cross a task off of a list!


I can not wait to finally get some bookshelves! These will be home to my growing book collection and of course my Harry Potter merchandise! I am going to try and make them as aesthetically pleasing as possible using little trinkets and bookish candles!

I also want to use my shelves as a place to fill with memories! As uni goes on I want to have a collection of quirky frames filled with photos of all the people I have met at uni and all of the great things we have gotten up to!


My bed is and always will be my safe place! Because of this, I like to make it as cosy as possible. I fill my bed up with cushions that I have collected over the years. These range from Olympic themed cushions from Next to Harry Potter themed cushions from Primark.

Bedding is also very important to me! It needs to make me feel happy yet safe at the same time! I also have a terrible habit of buying cute duvet sets! As you can imagine this can get quite expensive! To combat this I am always looking online for great duvets at low prices! For example, the Unicorn bedding was found on a discount site! I am however thinking of buying new bedding for uni! There is nothing like the feeling of snuggling up in new bedding in a new bed!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and thank you to Latest Deals for sponsoring it! If you are looking for bargain bedding for when you move to uni click here!

3 thoughts on “Getting Ready to Move to Uni on a Budget*

  1. I can feel your excitement!!
    Im happy for you.
    Hope you find EVERYTHING you need !!



  2. I’ve decided to commute to uni rather than live in/away but I 100% agree that my bed is a safe space and I always look to make it the cosiest!!
    Stelle Xx

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