Getting Colourful With Katie Abey

Getting Colourful With Katie Abey

I am back! after two weeks of having no access to my laptop, I am back with a super colourful collaboration! I was very lucky to be sent some absolutely gorgeous goodies from the lovely Katie Abey to review and share with you lovely lot!

Katie Abey

So who is Katie Abey you may be asking yourselves? Well, she is, in fact, a brilliant artist from Alfreton. She creates brightly coloured artwork that is then turned into postcards, pins, socks and coasters! She is also known for her Harry Potter inspired artwork! Katie’s products can be bought from her Etsy or her shop in Alfreton.

What she sent me!

As I said earlier I was very lucky to receive some goodies to review and share with you guys! Although these items were gifted I will always only give my honest opinions!


I am indeed a fan of funky socks so when I saw these I was over the moon! These socks are indeed the bright yellow Hippo of Happiness socks! These socks are super comfy and really good quality! These socks are usually £6.00 or you can get all four of her available designs for £20.00.


Katie also sells a wide range of designs on postcards! the design she sent me was of a unicorn saying ‘you are so magical and worthwhile’. I absolutely adore this postcard as not only does it spread a positive message, it also has a little not on the back from Katie! As I said before Katie sells a whole range of postcards with prices starting from just 70p.

Button Badges

Where would I be in life without pins and badges? Just like with her postcards Katie also does a whole range of button badges! I was lucky enough to be sent two! The first one is this small pink button that says ’empowered women empower women’. I feel like this is such an important message when even in 2018 so many women still feel like they are inferior or at a disadvantage just because they happen to be female!

The second button is this slightly larger yellow design. And yes that is a pug holding a wand! It is of course Katies Hufflepug design! I love the play on words and the quality is right up there too! Badges are priced from £1.50.

Iron on Patch

Isn’t great that iron patches have made a comeback! It’s almost got me wanting to go out and buy a denim jacket! Katie sent me this fantastic Super Sloth iron on patch! Sloths are one of my favourite animals and I think they might even be my spirit animal! This patch will definitely be getting added to my pin flag! Patches start at just £2.00.


Yes, capitals are needed for this one! I love to-do lists and so does Katie it seems! Katie started sharing her to-do lists on her Instagram stories and then people got inspired and did the same! And that is the story of how this to-do list pad came to be! I am a sucker for a list pad! I currently have two others packed away ready for uni but I think this one is my favourite! It is just so colourful and motivating! I will definitely have to buy another one once this one runs out! You can get THE PAD OF PRODUCTIVITY for just £4.50

So there we have it! A whole bunch of colourful goodies! Let me know what your favourite item was and make sure you let me know if you get anything from Katie Abey’s store!

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