Getting Around the No Candle Rule With Yankee Candle

Getting Around the No Candle Rule With Yankee Candle

As we all know I am off to uni in just a short few weeks. Because of this, I am starting to get my arse into gear and I am planning all the things I will need to buy for this new adventure! We also all know that I am obsessed with wax melts and candles! Unfortunately due to fire risks we are not allowed to burn candles in my university accommodation! Imagining a year without wax melts was a pretty difficult task so I had to figure out a way to get around this! And the answer was Yankee Candle’s Electric Waxwarmer!

It Has No Candle!

Now I searched for hours looking for an electric wax melter/burner that I liked the look of. Most of them were borderline tacky with that smashed mosaic design that I just detest! Others were stunning but were in the price range of £60-100 and I’m sorry but that is just far too much for me!

Luckily I remembered that Asda does a fantastic range of wax melts so I thought they must do electric burners too! I was super happy to find a nice simple looking one on the website for just £16 and of course even happier when I walked into my local store and saw they had it in stock!

Simple Beauty

What I love about this warmer is that it is simple. No crazy design of bright tacky mosaics just plain white and round design. This means it will fit into almost any decor style or themed room! I also thought it was an absolute steal for just £16 and you also get a pack of the Tropical Fruits wax melts with it too!

The Verdict?

At first, I was rather sceptical just because it warms up a hell of a lot slower than your traditional tealight burners. This soon changed when my room filled up with such a beautiful scent! I really can’t wait to be able to pop some autumn and Christmas scents in!

It would have been nice if this warmer did have a timer so I didn’t have to worry about remembering to turn it off but I did only pay £16 so I can’t expect the world!


Are you off to uni this year? What is your must-have item? Let me know in the comments!

4 thoughts on “Getting Around the No Candle Rule With Yankee Candle

  1. I’m going into my second year of uni and our house isn’t allowed candles either, this is amazing?! How have I never heard of it! Might have to look into treating myself to one! Hope your prep for uni is going well, I know it’s a very busy time! ? Mol x

    1. It really is fantastic and super adorable! And it is interesting! Not actually going to buy any stationery or crockery till I actually move in as every town has a wilkos ??‍♀️?

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