Fragrance Friday: Vera Wang Hippie Princess

Fragrance Friday: Vera Wang Hippie Princess

It’s fragrance Friday! This week I am going to tell you about the one fragrance I truly fell in love with when I was working at The Fragrance Store. I can still remember the day I walked into work and my manager was bursting with excitement, jumping up and down telling me she has found my perfume!She wasn’t wrong! I loved that perfume so much we sold out almost instantly just because I was so enthusiastic about it! This perfume began my obsession for Vera Wang!

This is my absolute favourite summer fragrance, it is really fruity with top notes of apricot and middle notes of apricot. Not only is this fragrance fruity but it is also on the floral side with top notes of freesia and apple blossom, middle notes of lotus.

This is a great everyday fragrance for those of you who just want to embrace their inner hippie!

You can buy Hippie Princess from £25.00



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8 thoughts on “Fragrance Friday: Vera Wang Hippie Princess

  1. This sounds like a perfume I’d really love, I need to have a smell! I’d love the combo of fruity and floral, plus there’s vanilla in there which is my ultimate fave x

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