Fragrance Friday: Ralph Lauren Love

Fragrance Friday: Ralph Lauren Love

This is a series I have been very excited to write! This is because I   get to write about one of my favourite things; perfume!

In 2014 I had the opportunity to work at the Fragrance Shop, although it was only a short stint thus far it has been my favourite job. And this is where my fragrance journey began (or should I say obsession!).

Ralph Lauren Love was bought for me for my 20th birthday last year. It is a floral and slightly fruity fragrance, fantastic for these summer months. To explain the notes further I have created this great graphic!

To me, the design of the bottle is just as important as the fragrance itself. Ralph Lauren Love is a simple bottle in Ralph Lauren’s classic shallow but wide shape. The bottle is a beautiful hot pink with a contrasting blue lid.

You can buy Ralph Lauren Love at The Fragrance Shop

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***This post is in no way linked or affiliated with Ralph Lauren or The Fragrance Shop. All opinions and images are my own and do not represent the views of the businesses mentioned or featured***

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