Fragrance Friday: Givenchy Play

Fragrance Friday: Givenchy Play

I forgot to write this again! I am a terrible blogger! But here it is Fragrance Friday on a Saturday! Today I am introducing you to the first perfume I ever bought for myself and that is now somewhat harder to get hold of. Still, to this day it is my favourite daytime scent although a little pricey I can’t help spraying it excessively!


This a light fruity fragrance with my favourite base note of patchouli! I am always getting compliments when I wear this scent and people always want to know what it is I am wearing! The bottle is also compact in design meaning you can easily pop it in your handbag meaning you can share the brilliant scent with those around you!

Due to this fragrance being harder to get hold of I have stocked up but you can still find it at some perfume retailers and Amazon. This fragrance originally RRPed at £40 for 30ml! This is a more luxury brand which is why it is more expensive but sometimes to get a superior scent you need to spend a little more! But if you cant afford to spend that much on a little bottle there are many similar alternatives that are much more affordable! These include Roberto Cavalli Eau de Parfum and Paco Rabanne Black XS.

Now I think we need to talk about the design of the bottle. The design is completely unique with most perfume bottles going for elegance this design is more on the modern side. I would like to say the inspiration for the design came from the iPods that were so popular back in 2010 when this perfume first came out but I don’t know for sure. I love that it is completely different to the other bottles I own and it stands out.

This post is completely my own and is not affiliated with any of the brands mentioned

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  1. It’s so annoying when you get attached to a scent and then it becomes hard to get! My favourite is Revlon Fire and Ice but they only bring it out in select stores at Christmas time here in Oz. I hadn’t thought to try Amazon though!

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