Fragrance Friday: Eden 405

Fragrance Friday: Eden 405

Hello, my fragrance friends!  Now I must start by apologising for missing the last two weeks! I had a terrible cold and was stuck in a bit of a rut, but I am back and I have something exciting to tell you about!

If you read my last post you will have seen that I received a fantastic new perfume to try! This Perfume is created by a brilliant company called EDEN. Eden is based in Brighton and they create vegan alternatives to all of our favourite fragrances! These fragrances won’t always smell identical to the original as some of the notes will include animal derivatives that Eden avoid such as musk, ambergris and honey.

I received a 10ml sample size of Eden 405. As soon I smelt it I knew I loved it! 405 is the vegan alternative of Lancome, La Vie Est Belle.

Although I am not vegan I am against the use of animals within the beauty industry. I will always cease the use of items if I discover that they are tested on animals. It is great to discover a fantastic perfumer who also believes that this is wrong and have done something incredibly proactive about it! A visit to their store in Brighton is now a must for me but in the meantime, I am going to be exploring their website to see how many of my favourite fragrances they have recreated.

Now we all know how expensive perfumes can be so what would you say if I told you that Eden perfumes are not only animal cruelty-free but they are also super affordable with fragrances starting at just £18.

Have you ever bought an Eden perfume? What was your opinion of it? Let me know in the comments!!


2 thoughts on “Fragrance Friday: Eden 405

  1. I love that there’s a vegan brand. I am slowly becoming more aware of how many products include animal derivatives. I am so glad to hear about this brand. ????

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