Fragrance Friday: Chanel Gabrielle

Fragrance Friday: Chanel Gabrielle

Did you see my little teaser on Instagram earlier this week? If you did you will have seen that I had a bit of a surprise for you guys! I have discovered the best subscription service ever! Scent addict is a sparkling new subscription from The Fragrance Shop. The idea is that for just £12 a month you can date a fragrance before marrying it! You will also receive a free twist and spritz atomiser! This month I chose Chanel’s new scent, Gabrielle.

I had only ever smelt Chanel No5 before and I didn’t think too fondly of it so I was taking a little risk by ordering it. But I must say I fell in love with it the moment it touched my skin! I’m not sure what it is about the perfume (although it does contain some of my favourite fruity notes!) but I feel as though this will be something I will wear for the rest of my life!


You can sign up to Scentaddict by popping into your nearest The Fragrance Shop store or click here and sign up online!


This post has absolutely no affiliation to any of the brands mentioned and all views are that of my own.

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