Flower Crown Workshop at The Willow Tree Cheltenham

Flower Crown Workshop at The Willow Tree Cheltenham

My social media has been alight with my love for The Willow Tree of late. I was lucky enough to be offered a free workshop in return for one of my fabulous blog posts and even more social media exposure. Well, who was I to say no?!

I chose to do a flower crown workshop. For ages now I have watched videos on youtube showing you how to make one, yet I never got around to doing one myself! Because I already knew Amber, who runs The Willow Tree, quite well I felt at ease and my anxiety stayed hidden away in its box!

Making a Flower Crown!

So it turns out making a flower crown is super fiddly and I am not a delicate soul! To make a flower crown all you need is green floristry wire, floristry tape, twine and some flora and fauna.

Start off by twisting four pieces of wire together. When they are all secure you create a small loop on either end that your twine will eventually feed through. You then want to wrap the loops twits (if that makes sense…) with floristry tape.

You will then want to start off with your fauna, for this we used baby eucalyptus. Make sure when making your crown you have all your flora and fauna going in the same direction so it doesn’t look a complete mess!

After you are happy with your fauna you then want to add in your flora! I loved the white flowers and thought I would go for a delicate English meadow sort of look! I added a couple of the yellow flowers just to beef it out a little. When I was happy with how it looked I fed the string through the loops!

And there we had it! Our own flower crown! The other people at the workshop made crowns that were simply fabulous and they were obviously so much better at this craft than I was!

The Willow Tree do a whole range of workshops from Photo Styling to Bullet Journals! If you would like to find out more visit their Facebook or Website! You can also check out their Instagram while you are at it!

5 thoughts on “Flower Crown Workshop at The Willow Tree Cheltenham

  1. Beautiful! I’ve always wanted to make a flower crown but I don’t dare leave it to myself to try out without some guidance! Yours came out lovely 🙂


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