Find Out More About My Job

Find Out More About My Job

Believe it or not writing isn’t a full-time thing for me! Instead, I work as a Retail Customer Service Manager in a well-known betting shop. For a long time, I have wanted to write a post about my job, it is a world not many know about. I couldn’t decide how to go about it but I remembered how much fun my previous Q&A posts were! So here goes!

What is a betting shop?

I was actually surprised at how many of my followers on Instagram didn’t know what a betting shop was! Perhaps they are only popular in the UK? So a betting shop is a ‘shop’ where people come to place bets on sports and other events. The most common sports to bet on are horse racing, greyhound racing and football. All you have to do is clearly write out the selections you wish to place a bet on, on one of the betting slips provided instore! You then go to the counter and a member of staff will put your bet through the till and give you a copy of it. You then just pay the amount of money you wish to spend. If your selection wins you get back however much you paid plus more depending on what price your selection won at!

What does your job entail?

As I said before I am a Retail Customer Service Manager, RCSM for short. So within the company I work for there are three tiers within a store, Store Manager or Multi Premises Manager, RCSM and Cashier. Luckily I was able to enter the company as an RSCM. My role is to manage the store in the absence of the Store Manager. This basically means I open and close the store, place orders of ‘stock’ and implement promotions and offers. I also aid in the training of new starters.

Do you love your job?

Honestly? No. For me working in a betting shop isn’t what I see as my career. I love the people I work with but the job can be quite boresome at times and it very rarely varies from day to day.

How did you come to work there?

I kinda fell into this job. I was working in what I have always said was my favourite job at The Fragrance Shop, unfortunately, this job just didn’t give me the hours or money I needed to be able to pay my rent and bills, I needed something that would.

What aspects of the job do you enjoy and which don’t you enjoy?

It is definitely the customers that can really make the job fantastic! It is the regulars that brighten your day! The part I don’t like would have to be the hours, some days I could just be doing a three-hour shift and then some days I could be working up to 14 hours. The only day the store closes is Christmas Day meaning we have to work every bank holiday including Easter Sunday.

I hope this post was interesting and helped you understand what I do for a living a little more! If you enjoyed reading it let me know! I really enjoyed talking about this and would love to write a couple more posts about my job!

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