February Faves

February Faves

Hello there my lovelies.
Now first of all a massive sorry for not posting this month but I have been super busy.
So shall we have a look at what I have been loving this month?
So the first thing is The Body Shops Drops of Youth Liquid Peel!! I originally spoke about this in my most recent What I Bought Today post. I really struggle with super dry skin on my tzone and no word of a lie after just one use of this skin peel my forehead has been dry skin free for up to a week. Would recommend this to everyone!!!
£18 145ml

The second thing on my favourites list is Soya Milk!!!
Now I often suffer with terrible spots. No matter how much I wash my face and use facemasks these spots still wont budge. After a little bit of research I discovered that cows milk may have been a contributing factor to my poor skin. So because of this I decided to convert to soya milk. After a week of using soya milk in my coffee and breakast I could see a massive difference and at long last my skin looks like it could soon be clear!!!
85p 1 litre
Image for Sainsbury's Soya Milk Alternative to Dairy 1L from Sainsbury's
The Final thing this month is my new hair colour!!!
For so long now I have been sporting a range of vivid hair colours the thought of having a natural hair colour must seem bizarre but low and behold I am now a brunette!!!

And what is crazier is that I freakin’ love it!!! Despite being a natural blonde I do feel as though at heart I should have been born with dark hair it really does look natural. Again a massive thank you to my friend Aimee for all the hard work she put into it!!!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this and hopefully I will be posting more often over this next month!!!
As always
Love Hayley Beth XXX

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