Enamel Pins from The Old English Company

Enamel Pins from The Old English Company

*** Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I have been asked to promote the new range of enamel pins from The Old English Company. Please rest assure that all views are my own and I have only taken this collaboration as I do genuinely love and collect enamel pins. All photos included in this post belong to The Old English Company***

I don’t think I have ever really expressed my love for enamel pins here on my blog! My Instagram, however, is full of pretty pictures of the very few pins I have collected so far! I also love following the Instagram accounts of those who create and sell beautiful pin badges!

Recently I have fallen in love with many Harry Potter pin makers but there is still something about a simplistic positive pin that truly warms my heart! That is why today I want to introduce you to The Old English Company!

Who are they?

The Old English Company laid its routes in London but now calls the beautiful town of Stamford home. They create simplistic yet beautiful stationery and homeware. Throughout all of their ranges, something always stays the same, and that is their fun hand-lettered designs!

Enamel Pins

So the whole reason I am writing this post is that they have recently just released a new range of enamel pins! They range from food-themed pins all the way to some of our favourite blogger sayings! Prices start at £7 and each pin comes on its own backing card!

My picks

It would only be right for me to pick out a couple of my favourite pins. After all, I will have to add to my collection after writing this post!

Owl Always Love You

To me this little owl is Hedwig! And we will all love Hedwig forever!

Believe In Magic

Again I am seeing an association with Harry Potter in this pin because, well, the World of Wizardry is just magical!

You’ve Got This

Everyone needs some positivity in their life! This pin would be the perfect reminder that I can do this and I will make it to September!

Coffee First

I can not go about my day without a cup of coffee, so this pin is me down to a T.

Coffee For Life

I genuinely do love coffee this much! It’s my happy juice!

Go Team

This pin reminds me of my favourite teacher at school! She would always say let’s go team when we had to get on with our work and always had a smile on her face! I always hope that everything I do in my life would make her proud as she was such a role model for me as a teenager.


You can visit the full range of pins here! You can also enter a cheeky little competition to win a set of pins here! It is super easy, all you have to do is let The Old English Company know what your favourite pin from their range is!

I hope you have enjoyed this post and why not let me know what your favourite pin from my top picks in the comments!

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