Embracing Nature With Cotswold Pure Botanicals

Embracing Nature With Cotswold Pure Botanicals

It is indeed time for another candle review! This time we have a beauty from Cotswold Pure Botanicals! This is a slightly local company for me so it was great to give them a go!

Cotswold Pure Botanicals

Cotswold Pure Botanicals are based in the heart of the Cotswolds, a place many say is one of the most beautiful parts of the country! Sally-Anne started Cotswold Pure Botanicals after learning just how many chemicals are in some of our favourite candle brands. She believed that these chemicals were just not necessary and so Cotswold Pure Botanicals was born!

What I Was Sent

I was incredibly lucky to be sent a candle in exchange for an honest review! Like with all my reviews I will only be completely honest and not sugar coat my opinions!

Wild Mint Candle

First of all, we must appreciate how beautifully this candle was packaged. wrapped in tissue paper and a natural looking ribbon. I was awestruck! The candle also comes in its own little fabric bag as well! The scent I was sent was Wild Mint. This candle only has two ingredients; the natural soy wax and the spearmint essential oils.

This candle is supposed to help with focus and positivity so I thought I would burn it while working away on my blog and some photo editing. This scent is incredibly subtle and I really struggled to smell it. Now, this is probably because I am so used to strong fruity scents filling my room as opposed to gentle, more natural scents.

Overal I think this is a beautiful candle but the scent just isn’t for me! If you fancy getting your hands on this candle you can get it here for just £25.00.

2 thoughts on “Embracing Nature With Cotswold Pure Botanicals

    1. I know it looked absolutely beautiful! Hopefully I will be able to try out some of their other scents in the future and have a better experience! ?

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