Dream Big This Year

Dream Big This Year

Those are the words I am going to live by in 2019. I am going to say yes to more opportunities and I am determined to not let people get in the way of achieving my dreams!

It is a new year and with that comes the thoughts of what we would like to achieve over the next 52 weeks. Although these are not goals or resolutions for the year I thought I would put together some ideas of what would be nice to have happen or achieve. I won’t be sad if any of these don’t happen but it will be nice to look back and see id any of my dreams do come true!

Become a badass blogger

I just want to create fun content that both you and I love. I want to be posting more regularly on both my blog and social media. I also want to be recognised by brands for what I do. It would be great to get some collaborations this year with some of my favourite brands such as Lush, Primark and Paperchase just to name a few. I know these are quite big brands but a girls gotta dream and if we can’t dream it, it’ll never happen!

Learn more about astrology and spirituality

This is something that I have wanted to do for a little while now. I have always believed in the powers of healing crystals but I know there is far more to spirituality than just that. Since my CBT appointments never happened I have been more determined than ever to have an outlet to focus my anxiety towards. In order to do this I have started buying books! Who knows if this will work but I’m sure as hell going to have fun trying.


Ah, this had to feature in here somewhere! If anything I just want to be able to pass all of my exams and assessments. But, there is more to university than the grades. I want to be fully present in every moment and take up every opportunity that I am presented with. I guess I just want to live university life to the fullest.

Being a book worm

I rediscovered my love for reading in 2018 and I want to continue this into 2019. I think my goal will be to read at least one book a month. I also want to try and get through my TBR list before I buy a whole bunch of new books!

So there we have it. My little dreams for the year. I can’t wait to see where 2019 takes me but I will be sure to update you on the journey.

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