DIY Petal Light

DIY Petal Light

So this is kind of an impromptu blog post that I was not planning on writing! It was only when I was cutting up my faux flowers and needed somewhere to put all the petals I accidentally created this!

What You Will Need:

  • Kilner Jar or similar
  • Fairy lights
  • Faux flowers or faux petals
  • A bit of creativity!

How To Make Your Light:

This is a super simple DIY, proof being I did it!! I already had some faux flowers so I simply deconstructed them and cut the petals off. If you are on a budget faux flowers really are the way to go! You can pick them up for about a quid for a bunch in Wilkos and I only used two bunches for this DIY. After I cut out all of my petals, I started layering them and the fairy lights till the jar was full! Because I used two different colours I started with one and tried to create a gradient effect.

How cute does it look! My light now sits on my bedside table along with my letter board and unicorn tealight holder!

If you make one be sure to tag me in your picture on Instagram! I hope you have enjoyed this bonusĀ post!


2 thoughts on “DIY Petal Light

  1. Such a cool post! I have never been a DIY person myself as I always think I could never make half the things others can, but this actually looks doable!! Would love to see more of these posts ?

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