DIY House Colours Tassel Garland

DIY House Colours Tassel Garland

Happy Easter Monday! Did you have fun stuffing your faces with easter eggs yesterday? This Easter weekend I decided to get a bit crafty! I am a very proud Hufflepuff and I have been working hard to make my room as magical as possible! After several weeks of binge-watching craft videos on YouTube, I finally decided on what my first DIY project will be!

Get your tassel on!

You may have noticed my recent obsession for some super cute tassel paperclips on my Instagram and I just needed more tassels in my life! It also helped that this was a super easy project! I decided to design mine in a similar pattern to the Hufflepuff house scarf!

What you will need!

How To Make Your Own  Garland!

After watching several videos I decided the book method was the easiest one for me. for this method you simply need to wrap the yarn around the book you have chosen! Remember the bigger the book the longer the tassel! I actually used my Cath Kidston book tin. Now, most of the videos recommended you count how many times you wrap your yarn around the book but I’m not one to do things easily. When the yarn looks fat enough cut it at the same end of the book you started with.

You will then want to tie another piece of yarn around the top of your tassle and remove it from your book! Make sure your yarn is tight at the top of your tassel to make sure it is secure! You then want to lay it down and figure out how big you want your top bit to be (not too sure what you call it). When you have done that take another bit of yarn and tie it around your tassel securely. You will then want to cut the bottom of your loops making your tassel complete!

You will want to create this process till you have enough tassels to create your perfect garland! To create mine I made seven yellow tassels and four black tassels. I then tied them to a long bit of black yarn starting from the middle and then continuing outwards in a symmetrical pattern.

Display Your Work!

When your garland is looking perfect, you are going to want to display it! I found the easiest way to hang mine on the wall was with command hooks. I tied a loop at either end of my garland to make hanging easier and then hung the middle of the garland over a third command hook.


So there we have it! How to make a DIY tassel garland! I hope you were able to follow the instructions and that it all made sense! My mind works in strange ways so this may have sounded like utter garbage! If you do make your own tassel garland make sure you tag me in your posts or use the hashtag #lovehayleybeth

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