Cosy Candles – Wax Melt Subscription Box

Cosy Candles – Wax Melt Subscription Box

***These items were sent to me in return for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are and will always remain my own.***


Oh, how lucky am I? Another amazing brand helping to fuel my obsession with wax melts! I was so excited to receive this wax melt subscription box and they really did deliver! I am currently yet to try the wax melts but I thought I would share my first impressions with you today!

Cosy Candles

Cosy candles are a British Independent business creating beautifully smelling wax melts that you can order as part of a subscription box or on there own as part of a normal purchase. There are two types of monthly subscription boxes that you can choose from, the Cosy Pod Subscription Box and the Mini Melts Subscription Box. I was sent the former which usually costs £14.99 with free postage! Each Cosy Pod Box contains six 80g pods which last for approximately 8 hours!

What Scents I Received

Cedarwood and Jasmine

This wax pod is very floral. I don’t usually gravitate towards floral scents and this one is slightly bathroom cleaner!

Pistachio Icecream

This is a flavour of ice cream I have always wanted to try! But alas ice cream is now my stomachs nemesis so a wax melt shall have to suffice! I really like this scent and can’t wait to pop it in my burner!


Another scent I usually don’t tend to go for because I don’t really like it! but I have been struggling with sleep so I’m hoping this might help!

Apple Candy

I love that this is a sweet apple scent rather than a tart scent! I also love how bright this melt is! This is another melt I can’t wait to pop in my burner!


If ever a scent was made for me this would be the one! I am obsessed, coffee is my life!!!

Baby Powder

Now, this is a scent that I really don’t understand. It just gives me bad memories of when my mum made me use talc powder instead of deodorant. This is probably the only pod I won’t use!


My Opinions

Overal I think this is a great concept and if I didn’t already have far too many wax melts I would definitely subscribe! If you want to subscribe to this box you can get 30% off using code 30OFF


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