Christmas Wish List 2016

Christmas Wish List 2016

Hello there!!!
Can you believe December is literally round the corner? Where has this year gone?
Now as we all know December can be one of the most stressful months when it comes to shopping. So to help all my wonderful friends and to give you a little bit of present inspo I have put together my or Christmas wish list.
So here goes!!!

The first item on my list is clothes. now this isn’t because I just cant be bothered to go shopping. It is actually because over this last year I have put on quite a bit of weight (although that does not mean I am unhealthy) and I had to give away my entire wardrobe. I literally have like no clothes at the moment and not that much money!!! Luckily I am a size 16 now which means I can get clothes in both the regular ranges and the more curvy ranges!!!

The second item on my list is a macbook air. Now I know this is really unrealistic but they are just so beautiful looking. They are also super light weight which means I would be able to blog more often and keep an eye on my new jewellery site much easier.

The next item on my list is quite simply a giant Body Shop haul. I am quite simply obsessed with the Body Shop and always visit my local store whenever I am in town. I absolutely adore their face masks and would love to try out some of their make up range!!!

I admire Zoella and everything she has achieved which is why I would love it if I could own pretty much here entire beauty and home range. the packaging alone is just gorgeous and I can only hope to be half as successful as her.

The fifth item on my wish list is my favourite perfume!!! Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium is the one perfume I adore yet cannot afford.

Unicorns!!! That’s all. I love unicorns and I will love anything with a unicorn or a lipstick called unicorn.

And finally it would be great to receive some crafting supplies!!! I am addicted to washi tape so fill me up a stocking and away I go!!! I would also love some craft punches (i think that is what they are called) they would add so much to my crafts and scrap booking.

I have also put together a wish list on amazon containing all the items i would love. Now before you say it this is not me begging for you to buy me anything. That is not what I want. This is just a fun little blog.

Now I wish you good luck in all your Christmas shopping and if you are looking for a great stocking filler please head over to my depop page!!!

But for now
Love Hayley Beth XXX

Snapchat: lovehayleybeth
Amazon Wish List

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