Christmas 2018 – Wish List and Plans

Christmas 2018 – Wish List and Plans

It is finally December and I can finally not get judged for having my Christmas tree up! Advent has started and I’m absolutely loving my wax melt calendar from Pick ‘N’ Melt! Although I’m not taking part in blogmas this year I wanted to start off the month with a festive post, with a fun wish list of things I would like to receive or that I am treating myself to this year and what my plans are for this years holiday season!

My Wish List!

Like everyone I have a list of goodies, I would love to be gifted! They aren’t anything too special or expensive but they are things that make me happy!

Wax Melts

I love wax melts! I love Yankee Candles Wax Tarts. I love wax melts from independent sellers and makers. If it smells baked goods or coffee then I am happy! living in a room that smells good makes me happy and helps me to destress!

Shower Bombs

Living life without a bath is hard work especially when baths were my comfort blanket when everything got a little too much! I am so glad that shower bombs now exist! My favourites are from Lush as they can also be used at solid one use shower washes! But I do also love the funky scents you can get from BombCosmetics! These little shower luxuries are perfect for students.

Scrapbook Supplies

Just call me Lara Jean Covey! I have become obsessed with scrapbooking once again! It is the perfect way to store memories or just create a place to store all of your favourite things! At the moment I am creating a collection of washi tapes, scrapbook paper, stickers and bits of packaging from all the things I order and buy!

Fairy Lights

A girl can quite simply never have too many fairy lights! I spend so much time in my room and want it to be a place I feel happy! And what is happier than coloured lights twinkling as I snuggle up with a good book of a cheesey movie?


My Christmas Plans

This year I am actually going to be spending it on my own in halls. Despite being offered plenty of alternatives by my friends I have decided that this is the best plan for me this year. The reason for this is that it is something I need to do eventually. It isn’t something I can put off any longer. 

But this isn’t all doom and gloom! I am going to be cooking a little Christmas dinner for myself and I will still be going out and buying a new dress for Christmas day.

So there we have it! A list of goodies I will be treating myself to this year and how I will be spending the big day! 

Let me know in the comments what you want for Christmas this year!

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