Blogger Box Swap With Parris Elizabeth

Blogger Box Swap With Parris Elizabeth

If you watch my Instagram stories you will have seen me unbox a beautiful package from one of my best blogging friends!

So it must have been December when I put out a tweet to see if anyone fancied doing a little blogger box swap with me! Parris responded and said she would love to! Since then we spoke on a regular basis and go to know each other! I can happily say she is now one of my best friends!

What Is a Box Swap?

So basically you go shopping and buy things that you think the other person will like and possibly a couple of your favourites and then put them in a box to send to each other!!

Let’s See What Parris Got Me!!!

Obviously, if you watched my Instagram stories you will already know what I got but I took some pretty photos of everything!

Harry Potter Mini Pop Keyring – Neville Longbottom

Yankee Candle Wax Melts- Rainbow Cookie and Vanilla Cupcake

Hufflepuff Coaster

Trinket Dish


My Thoughts

While unboxing all of these goodies I was nearly in tears. It was amazing how much Parris really knows me!! It was also a little freaky that she picked the wax melts she did! Obviously, she knows how much I love the smell of baking but Yankee Candle do loads of baking inspired products! What was so freaky is that I had only told my best friend that I was going to buy the rainbow cookie candle in the next couple of months! The Vanilla Cupcake candle was also the first Yankee Candle I ever bought and is my all time favourite!!

What I Got Parris!

You can find out what I got Parris by visiting her blog! And if you like what you read make sure to follow her on Instagram and Twitter!

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