Blog Goals For August

Blog Goals For August

Like me you have probably read loads of August goals posts but here’s another to add to your list! I was inspired so I sat down and had a think about what I really wanted to achieve this month and here it is!

Getting a New Website!

That’s right! As great as blogger is, me and my blog have out grown it. This also another opportunity to work with the awesome Cameron Stroud. So what do I have to do to achieve this?
  • Buy a domain
  • Find a host
  • Create perfection
  • Put together a big giveaway for the launch!!!

Get to 500 Followers on Instagram!

I currently have 340 followers so it isn’t the biggest challenge but in order to get there, I have to put the work in. 
  • Find a theme- everyone bangs on about having a theme but my blog is quite eclectic so I’m not sure how to achieve that
  • Use the same background in all of my pictures- I currently have a load of vintage furniture in my house and it makes for a great background for my blog photos.

My Facebook Needs Help!

My Facebook seems to be the least interacted social media that I have. It currently only has only 57 likes, most of which are friends and family. This month I would love to surpass 150 likes. It doesn’t sound like much but it is the first step. In order to get people to discover my Facebook, I am going to hold a back to school giveaway where in order to enter you must like my page and share the post. Hopefully, that will bring more people to my page and subsequently my blog!
I can’t wait to see how I smash these goals! What are your goals for August? Comment them below and we will achieve them together!

2 thoughts on “Blog Goals For August

  1. Good luck on your goals! My Facebook page also is the least interacted because I don't put much time into it honestly. This month I would like to up my following and engage a little bit more on Facebook!

  2. Hey Hayley! These are great goals! I don't have Insta for my blog but I do have some tips for your other goals.

    For your host– I would definitely go with SiteGround. They have amazing 24/7 customer service so if you're not techy, you can always get on a chat with them and ask them to fix literally anything. They've saved my butt so many times. They're also more forward about their prices than other sites. They advertise the price you pay, unlike Bluehost where you only get the good price if you commit to three years with the service. You can check the reviews, they all say the same good things! 🙂 I have an affiliate link if you're interested– you could knock this goal out today!

    As for the domain, make sure you get it from the same place you get your hosting. I got mine from before I went self-hosted, and I can't get rid of that for a year or something so I have a blog and a half running right now. It's super annoying.

    Finally for Facebook, I would suggest going for more engagement rather than more likes. Yes, it's more concrete to set goals of a certain number of likes, but FB won't even show your posts to those likers if you're not getting engagement,so you won't get any traffic to your blog. Facebook is the platform I think everyone has the hardest time growing!

    Good luck Hayley! I hope these tips help you out! You're gonna crush all these goals 🙂

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