BirchBox October

BirchBox October

Apologies in advance for this rant!!!

As you will have seen in my previous posts I haven’t been in love with BirchBox for a small while now. Every month they produce a great box it is followed with something awful, this month is that awful box. If anything I was actually angry with that I received.

Cheap tat.

The items you were able to choose this month were a Model Co contour stick or mascara. I chose the mascara. Now you would think it would be pretty easy to give you a full-size mascara but NO all I got was a pathetic sample size. Whenever you read the comments on BirchBox UK’s facebooks post you always see ‘not another dry shampoo’ and this is literally what I exclaimed when I saw this strange dry shampoo paste. Surely that is counterproductive? I am yet to use it but others have said it just makes their hair greasier! Like WTF!! Next, we have Whish Body Butter. The packaging looks like it has been sat in the cupboard since the sixties. unfortunately I am all blocked up with a nasty cold so I can’t vouch for its scent but apparently, it is rank.

There is a positive note…promise!!!

Now my skin is so temperamental, its oily than its dry and then it wants to be dry and oily so I am always trying new face washes. BalanceMe is also a great brand so I am looking forward to giving this one a go!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month…

October is breast cancer awareness month. So, to celebrate this BirchBox collaborated with the charity Coppafeel. And this is where the shittiest full-size item comes into play. Anatomicals Grab Your Melons Shower Gel worth £1.50 It costs me more to get on the bus to town…

So here is my advice

If you have an abnormal dry shampoo addiction go for it subscribe to this crap but if you can find a better use for £12.95 run. Run as far away from this crap subscription box as possible.

Have you had a bad subscription before? Tell me about it in the comments.

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