Beauty Scents Vanilla and Coffee Wax Melts!

Beauty Scents Vanilla and Coffee Wax Melts!

You may remember a little while ago I did a bit of a wax melt haul! As part of that little haul, I bought myself some gorgeous melts by Beauty Scents! Well, I finally used them and this is my little review!

Vanilla and Coffee

I usually avoid vanilla scents as I generally don’t like them but when I saw these melts had actual coffee beans in them I knew I had to have them! The great thing about these melts is that the scent is so strong you don’t even have to burn them for your room to smell gorgeous!

My Thoughts

I popped three melts (out of the bag of ten) in my burner. This is because the burner I was using is quite big and deep! They melted quite slowly but it was fun to watch the coffee beans come away from the wax! When it melts the wax is clear and the beans float to the side of the burner!

The vanilla scent is a warm scent, not a sickly sweet scent! The coffee scents also cuts through the vanilla in a way that means it isn’t so overwhelming. The scent is a welcoming one that fills me with motivation (hence why this post is being written!) and energy!

I bought these wax melts from The Candle Tree in Gloucester and they are also available on their website! You get 10 melts in a bag and like I said you don’t even have to burn them to get the effect! I have fallen in love with this brand and I can’t wait to get my hands on some more of their stuff!

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