April Geek Gear World of Wizardry Unboxing

Another month another disappointing Geek Gear box! I wanted so much to enjoy this box but it was just a bit meh. Unlike last months, this box did come on time so I guess that is a positive!

Once again I was welcomed by the yellow tissue paper and the first things I saw were the wearables.


In this months box, we received three wearables…three wearables I will never be wearing. Now that isn’t me being snobby or uppity it’s just me being real.

So the t-shirt we received was a death-eaters t-shirt and it has several death-eater masks on it. It terrifies me and I am trying my hardest to sneak it into my best friends possession. The next item was a tie. Admittedly it is a pretty cool tie but I don’t wear ties. We also got a lightning bolt tie clip (it was our only house themed item). Another item I will never use.


Once again we had a couple of recipes this month. Unlike most months we didn’t receive any cooking utensils. The recipes we did receive was Queenies Apple Strudle and The Monster Book Cake. Once I am settled in where I a living I may try some of these recipes.


This month we have received a couple of homeware items! The first item was this gorgeous broomstick keyring that I am undecided as to whether I am going to pop it on my Hedwig bag or have it displayed on a bookshelf when I get to Uni? We then also got some giant placemats. Each placemat has a different animal on to represent each house. It is another item I probably won’t use.


This month we received two prints! The first was a beautiful Hagrid print that is actually signed by the artist and also has a certificate of authenticity. The second print was a Fantastic Beasts Wanded and Extremely Dangerous poster! Now personally I see Voldermort but others have said it is Grindelwald.

Another Wand

This month we received another wand! This month it was Sirius Black’s wand! It is super detailed and actually quite beautiful.

So that was the April box. A box full of useless crap. Let me know in the comments what your favourite item was!


  • Melina

    I actually follow another person who receives this box! and they were also super disappointed by what they received this box. I thought it was so cool that they even had a harry potter box, but with the exceptions of the prints and the wands, I wasn’t a fan of it either. Hopefully you’ll have better luck next month! xxx

    Melina |

    • Hayley Beth

      It does just seem like I’ve had a couple of dud boxes but that means it can only get better! Thank you for reading!! Xxx

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