Always be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud

Always be a Rainbow in Someone Else’s Cloud

Hello my lovelies!!!
so I am sorry if this blog is not as great as normal but I am really struggling to write something at the moment. So if you follow me on instagram and snapchat you will have seen that I never have the same hair colour for long!!!
Ever since I was about 15 I wanted to have candy floss pink hair. It was all I could talk about but m mum hated the thought of me ruining my blonde hair. It wasn’t until I was 18 that I went out and bought a box dye and it was rather interesting. I was working at BHS at the time and quite frankly they hated it but the customers thought it was brilliant!!!

After the pink I went for another box dye this time purple. now when I first did this my friends thought they were proper comedians and sent me theses pictures.

Honestly it didn’t look that bad but it really did not look great either!!!
Now after the purple I’m not too sure what I was thinking because I kinda went green. Yes that I right, I guess I thought I could pull off the mermaid look but alas it was quite the contrary. The dye I used was quite simply rubbish and I guess I should just show you what happened.
Never again will I attempt to be a mermaid!!!
I think the green must have put me off dying my hair for a bit because it wasn’t until very recently that I dyed my hair pink again. This time it was more of a raspberry than a bright pink. I actually really liked this colour and if I was going to use a box dye again it would definitely be this one.
I am very lucky these days that I have a best friend who specialises in vivids. This means I never have to use a box dye again and can experiment a lot more!!! because of this I have recently been able to have a variety of colours in my hair. The first style we went for was a purple, pink and blue balayage which looked absolutely amazing although I was likened to the My Little Pony, Princess Twilight Sparkle.
The next style we went for was this beautiful blue and pink combo which I am actually in love with right now. I love the way that the pink comes through the blue. I just love it!!!
So were do I get my inspiration from? It would have to be Kasey O’Hara Skrobe aka Hair by KaseyOh
She is an absolutely brilliant vivids specialist from Maryland USA. It would absolutely mean so much if one day I could get my hair done by her. Her creations are so magical and never fail to make me go WOW!!!
Here is some of her work:

I hope this has given you some hair inspo and if you also love having crazy hair why not tag me in your pics on instagram!!!!
And just remember always be a rainbow in someone else’s cloud!!!
Love Hayley Beth XXX
Snapchat: lovehayleybeth

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