Alcohol and my Mental Health

Alcohol and my Mental Health

These two are not best buddies. In fact, it is safe to say they are the most uncomfortable pairing known to man. Recently every time I have drunk I have either had a full-blown panic attack or a not so nice wobble. Number one this is really not fair on the people I am with but secondly, these episodes are incredibly exhausting and take me a good few days to recover from.

A Decision

Because of all of this I have made the decision to no longer drink. This doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy a social pint down the pub with the lads but it does mean I won’t be going out with the intentions of getting drunk. Yes, I do become more confident when I drink but I also cry a lot. Again this doesn’t mean I won’t go out but I know I don’t need alcohol to let loose and have fun so why should I subject myself to it?

Helping Myself

This isn’t the only decision I have made to put my mental health first. Next week I have a meeting with the mental health and wellbeing team to figure out what thing we can put in place to support me with my anxiety and depression. I have also built up a strong relationship with both my personal tutor and people on my course so I know if I need help or someone to talk to they are there.

Although I know my mental health will never be perfect I want to get to a point where it isn’t a constant worry for me and my friends. Being in a new environment means I am having to find new coping mechanisms and ways to prevent wobbles from happening. Whether it is a walk in the park or having a shower with one of my expensive shower bombs. It is time I put myself first.

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