A Tattoo and A T-Shirt Campaign

A Tattoo and A T-Shirt Campaign

Earlier this year I got my very first tattoo! I have always said I would only get a tattoo if it had some sort of reason behind it. I didn’t want to end up regretting what I got or asking myself what I was thinking?

So here it is!

Turns out it is harder to take a picture of your own arm with a DSLR camera! I decided to go with a wolf, they are beautiful yet strong. Something I aspire to be. Its job is to remind me that I am stronger than I think I am, to believe in myself and to protect me when I am scared of myself and my panic attacks. I won’t lie certain factors did influence the fact it is a wolf but I have fallen in love with that and I will never let it cause me to feel even an ounce of regret. A massive thank you to Stephen at 50 Shades of Ink in Gloucester for adorning me with this fantastic ink!

Every one needs a bit of self belief which is why I have also used my tattoo as a basis for the design of a t-shirt campaign. I wear this wolf on my arm everyday and it fills me with strength knowing that I have a bit of ink to protect me! So it is only fair I share some of this strength with the world. I have created three seperate campaigns; a mug, a tote shopper and a range of tees and sweaters! Although I have a feeling these campaigns wont be successful I have had amazing feedback about some of the items and I will be sure to create more smaller campaigns in the future! But the only way for any campaign to be succesful is support. I know most of my readers are studnets and being a student meand funds are short but I’m trying to spread a great message and I hope one day it wont be campaigns im setting up but an actual online store and maybe an mental health organisaton. Those are just dreams but all dreams have to start somewhere.

Please check out the campaigns here and if you do order one of the items please screenshot your order comfimation and email it to me to get sent a special thank you gift!



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