A New Chapter – Freshers Week and Discovering Journalism

A New Chapter – Freshers Week and Discovering Journalism

It feels as if it were only yesterday that I got the email to say I had been given an unconditional offer from The University of Gloucestershire. But on Saturday 8th September I moved into halls. Admittedly I spent the entire journey with tears in my eyes; when my friend had finished helping move all my stuff into my room I cried my eyes out. It was all real. I was finally here and I could finally say I was, in fact, a uni student.

Flat Mates

I have to say I am very lucky. The people I have been put with seem really chill and it is easy to get along with them. We are all studying a range of subject but all happen to be based at the same campus when it comes to lectures. As suspected I am the oldest student in my flat but right now I am not really noticing the age gap if I am honest.

First Week of Freshers

This week I can actually say I feel happy! It is very rare that my flatmates are alone. We go shopping together, go out together and we even eat together. The week started with cards against humanity and Haribos! Next up was the Welcome Party. A night where I said I wouldn’t drink and low and behold I got rather intoxicated! The night did end with a panic attack but it didn’t dampen our spirits.

First Day of Uni

The first day we had a welcome talk where lots of people who work at the university give little talks and we got a free t-shirt! We then disappeared into our respective course rooms. The Journalism and Magazine Journalism are sharing induction sessions as the course sizes are so small.

We started the day with a get to know me session, talking to the person next to us and trying to learn an interesting fact about the other to tell the group. After lunch, we got to meet some older students who also study one of the journalism courses and work on the university publications and radio station. We then went on to play a fun bingo-style game that encouraged us to talk to each other and ask questions.

Magical Mystery Tour

Day two of Journalism and we were sent on a bus to discover Cheltenham and Gloucester! With instructions to walk up Cleeve Hill and play on play park equipment, it was an interesting day! We also had the chance to visit the Gloucestershire Live newsroom.

Freshers Fayre

A chance to meet new people, pick up as many freebies as possible and join a whole bunch of societies and clubs! I had been looking forward to this day for a while now as it was the day I could finally sign up for the Dumbledores Army society!

Meeting our Personal Tutors

Thursday was the day we got to meet our Personal Tutors properly! At the UoG every student is assigned a lecturer as their personal tutor. This personal tutor will provide support both academically and pastorally throughout your time at the uni! My personal tutor also happens to be my course leader.

Time for a Pizza Party

Friday means only one thing – it’s nearly the weekend! Today’s session was only a half day and a chance to meet some former students who are now making waves in the real world! This was a really useful session as they were brutally honest about the course, but were also proof of what can be achieved! I was also elected as one of the course reps for the year!

The end of the week means it is time to order a takeaway! This week had to be Dominos! It was also the first time everyone had properly sat down to eat together, it felt like a proper family dinner!

So there we have it my first week at uni! Have you started uni recently? How are you feeling about it? Let me know in the comments!

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