A Magical Cardiff Haul

A Magical Cardiff Haul

I’m going off schedule at the moment as I am currently staying with a friend in Newport! This means my whole day to day schedule has gone out of the window! I am currently not working and have spent the majority of my time here so far in bed! But today I thought I would share with you some of the items I bought While in Cardiff.


I had been wanting to visit Cardiff for a little while now as I recently discovered that it had a little shop dedicated to all things Harry Potter! This shop is, of course, Magic and Mayhem. This little store is tucked away inside the Castle Arcade and I very nearly walked past it myself!

Due to it being the end of the summer holidays the shelves were looking a little bare but that didn’t bother me! I was just in awe of the fact that there was a place (a real-life place in this Muggle world) that was dedicated to all things magical and I was walking around it!

What I Bought!

So it may or may not have also been payday so I allowed my self to spend a little more money than I usually would! The first thing I saw was a beautiful Hufflepuff display! I really wish I could have bought it all but a girl needs to have a little self-control! From this display, I picked up the Hufflepuff wand stand and a cute Hufflepuff postcard.

Next up was a little bendable Bowtruckle! I’ve wanted this guy ever since he was released earlier this year! This Bowtruckle is definitely supposed to be Pickett as he has his tongue stuck out. I can’t wait to sit him on my bookshelf at uni!

And finally, we get to my favourite item! Lunas Wand!!!!!

That’s right! I finally bought my first Noble Collection wand! This wand is just utterly stunning, it’s so smooth and easy to hold. the packaging is also rather aesthetically pleasing! I am so so in love with this wand! Although I now know that this is just the start of a mad obsession to buy all of my favourite wands!

To go along with the wand I also bought a super cute Luna themed postcard! Slowly but surely I will build up my Luna collection!

And there we have it! A super magical haul! I have to apologise for the quality of the photos in this post. I am not used to taking photos in this house and the lighting isn’t too great!

What was your favourite item in this haul? Let me know in the comments!

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