A Blogging Q&A

A Blogging Q&A

When the wifi goes down and you can only work off your phone what do you do? Plan a Q&A blog post of course! I haven’t actually done one of these before so we shall see how it goes!

Why did I start blogging?


Honestly, I can’t remember why I first started blogging but I can tell you how I got here! This year has been a strange one having had several jobs and just not knowing where in life I was supposed to go. I have always loved writing but never thought it would be a realistic career. I have always said you have to try everything once and that’s what I am doing!

How much time do I put into blogging?


The truth, I’m not sure. My whole life has turned into my blog. I am always doing something blog related from planning and writing to work on my social media it has kinda taken over my life!

What do I enjoy most about blogging?


The community. They are so supportive and are always there for you no matter what your problem, blog related or not!

What is the hardest thing about blogging?


There just isn’t enough time in the day!! I work a full-time job alongside blogging so trying to figure out when to fit everything in is so hard! I also have to remember to eat and sleep!

What is something you wish non-bloggers knew about blogging?


A lot of my friends think blogging is just a bit of fun and that I just review stuff. For example, my one friend gave me a liquid eyeliner once and said this will be good for your blog. Unfortunately, I don’t wear liquid eyeliner or write a beauty blog.

What is one blogging tip I could recommend?


Always be yourself. Don’t let the expectations of a certain niche take over, just because you are beauty blogger it doesn’t mean you have to do what all the other beauty bloggers are doing!

Do I self-host and how did I set it up?


I am self-hosted but I didn’t set it up! My best friend creates websites all the time so I had him sort it all out for me!

How do I keep organised?


I don’t! I’m awful. I keep meaning to use my organiser but it just sits on my bedside cabinet looking pretty!!!

What is my favourite blog post?


I think it would have to be the first post I wrote in my The Story Behind The Business series. This was also the first post I wrote when I decided I actually wanted to take blogging seriously. I got to meet an incredibly inspirational woman who has genuinely impacted my life. read it here!

Thank you to everyone, who submitted a question, they were all truly fantastic! Hope you enjoy this post I sure loved writing it!!

4 thoughts on “A Blogging Q&A

  1. I completely 110% agree with you on basically every answer, blogging can be so much to take on that I don’t think people realise at all! I’m trying to balance going to the gym, blogging, working full-time as well as having chance to eat, sleep, have some sort of social life… it can really be so hard to balance. I loved this post, personal posts are always so nice to read so that you can get to know the person behind the blog.

    Alice http://www.accordingtoalicex.com

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